Hi! I’m Paula, host/producer of the Community Upside Podcast (CUP). As a book lover and fiction reader, I LOVE stories and storytelling.

I especially enjoy hearing stories from others. I learn so much about other people and their experiences from their stories. And, to be honest, I learn a lot about myself when I listen to others share their stories.

I grew up in a time before smartphones and the Internet. I listened to stories on the radio at home, as much I listened to stories outside while sitting on the stoop. I started writing fiction and poetry, then I discovered I enjoyed telling stories – both non-fiction and fiction.

I told stories in a variety of venues, churches, cafés, schools, you name it! I also listened to stories in a variety of places and spaces.

Stories were my way to escape the noise from the rest of the world. And, they still are.

Fast forward to the present, we have a lot of access to a lot of information and misinformation. We may grow closer in our connections around the globe, but may grow away from our connections right around the corner. Too much information may lead to overwhelm and bring negative energy.

Time to take a break from all of that.

This podcast is my virtual café. A space to listen to and share stories. I hope you listen to each story and feel as I do – inspired and uplifted!

“Grab a CUP and listen in!”


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